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Plinko slot is popular among gambling fans. It is characterised by the simplicity of the rules of the rate of return to the player (over 97%). This variant of entertainment will equally appeal to both beginners and experienced gamblers. 

Like many other slot machines, Plinko has a demo version, meaning you can bet in game mode rather than with real money.

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Plinko slot game first appeared on online casino sites in 2015 and immediately attracted the attention of gamblers around the world. This game was developed on the basis of an American TV show, where a ball falling down and passing through the pins fell into one of the cells, which meant the amount of winnings.

The principle of the demo version of Plinko is no different from the original. Here the ball also goes down and falls into a cell. However, in this case, the cells do not indicate the amount, but only mean the winning coefficient (i.e. how much the bet will be multiplied by). The amount of winnings depends on the odds and can be not only more but also less than the initial bet.

The game’s interface varies from developer to developer, but all have a minimalistic design and simple functionality. 

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Spribe, BGaming

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97% от Spribe, 98.91% от BGaming

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Demo Plinko

The opportunity to play a demo version of Plinko is offered by many online casinos. The choice depends on the personal preferences of the player. At the same time, even if the gambler does not plan to immediately bet for money, it is better to choose proven sites that have a licence and operate in compliance with the established rules. Below are a few resources where you can try the free version of Plinko:

  • Pin-Up
  • 1WIN

The choice of online casino to play Plinko for money should be approached more carefully. Since the game itself does not involve bonuses, players are advised to choose resources with gambling, where the brand itself gives participants welcome bonuses and promotions.

Demo mode Plinko

The process of playing Plinko for free is simple. The player is required to perform the following steps:

  1. Select the risk level. Depending on the developer, this option has its own peculiarities or is absent at all. For example, BGaming offers just to choose the risk level, Spribe gives the opportunity to choose the colour of the ball, which determines it (green – low risk level, but high chance to win a small amount, red – high possible odds, but with a small probability to get a large amount). In the games of some developers (Smartsoft Gaming) there is no option to choose the risk level at all;
  2. Adjust the size of the tower (pins can be from 8 to 16, which also depends on the developer);
  3. Choose the size of the bet (minimum and maximum bet depends on the online casino, where the game is held);
  4. Run the game in the desired mode (manual or automatic);
  5. Wait until the ball falls into the cell and take the winnings.At this point the game is over. The participant can continue playing or go to the Plinko version with money bets. This game is not characterised by dynamism, but will appeal to those who want to have a good time without thinking about strategy and winning.

Differences between Plinko demo mode and real money play

Plinko slot in demo mode is no different from the one where you need to make real bets. The only difference and is that in this case, the participant uses a virtual game account and does not spend their own money.

Free version of the game is useful for those who first encounter this game. The absence of real bets gives an opportunity to concentrate on the rules of the game, to study the gameplay and find a suitable winning strategy. Not only beginners use Plinko demo to get acquainted with the game. Experienced players also often use it to find the right strategy for themselves. However, it is worth saying in advance that the mechanics of the game is based on a randomised system, which means that no tactic promises a 100% probability of success.


Plinko slot is an exciting, though not very dynamic game that has gained popularity among gamblers. This is due to both the simplicity of the rules and low volatility. The peculiarity of the game is that the participant receives the winnings in any case (despite the fact that it may be less than the initial bet).
Demo version of Plinko is a great option to get acquainted with the algorithm of the game, choose for yourself a certain tactic or just have a good time without thinking about winning. This game mode is interesting and useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced players.
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