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Plinko is a slot machine that has become popular among gambling enthusiasts in a relatively short period of time.

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The developers first introduced this game in online casinos in 2015, taking as a basis the popular American TV show “The Price is Right” with Bob Barker. In it, participants had to watch the ball roll through a maze of pins. And, in which box it landed, that was the amount of winnings. The prize fund in this game was 25 thousand dollars and at that time was considered the highest among similar games for money.

Today Plinko is associated not so much with the TV show as with slots. Thanks to the simplicity of the rules and low volatility, this machine is in demand. And no wonder that almost every online casino considers it mandatory to have it in its arsenal.

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Spribe, BGaming

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97% от Spribe, 98.91% от BGaming

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Plinko Game Review

Characteristic Description
Game name Plinko
Genre Arcade / Logic game
Target audience All ages
Game mechanics The player drops a ball from the top of the board, and the ball randomly falls through a series of obstacles before reaching one of the lower reward boxes.
Number of levels Depends on the game variant; the classic variant usually has one level with increasing difficulty
Platforms Web browser, mobile devices (iOS, Android)
Reward system There may be cash prizes, bonus points, or bet multipliers depending on hitting certain cells at the bottom of the board.
  • Study the physics of the game to better understand the trajectory of the ball.
  • Utilise possible bonuses and strategies to increase your chance of greater rewards.
  • Play responsibly and set limits on time and bets.
Features Colourful graphics, soothing gameplay, multiple game options and themes.
Manufacturer Various developers, can be found in online casinos and mobile apps

The name of this slot machine only at first glance may seem strange and only for those players who have never dealt with it. In fact, it’s simple: the name of the game received thanks to the sound with which the ball moves between the pins (plink-plink). Such an unusual, yet memorable name, was another (albeit indirect) reason for the popularity of the game.

The plot of the game is simple and does not require special skills from the player to win. The playing field is a pyramid of pins, among which the ball moves. The participant chooses the height of the pyramid, as well as the degree of risk (the higher the risk, the less chance of winning, but the amount of possible winnings is higher). Determining the level of volatility in the game and its realization directly depends on the developer’s idea. For example, Plinko from BGAMING offers to choose the level of risk, while a similar game from Spribe suggests choosing a ball of a certain color (green, yellow, red). Green implies low prize amounts with a high probability of winning, while red means the highest possible odds, but with a low probability of winning a large sum.

This is where the rules of the game end. No skills are required to play the game. This is the main advantage of Plinko. It can be played by a person with any experience in gambling, including beginners. For them, the most suitable option will be the game from Spribe. In it, it is supposed to be less valuable prizes than in Plinko from BGAMING, but there is an opportunity to make small bets.

Plinko game algorithm

The Plinko game algorithm is simple. The ball (or balls) passing through the pins and ricochet bouncing off them, fall into one of the cells, each of which means a multiplier bet. The number of pins the player determines independently (from 8 to 16). From their number directly depends on the level of risk.

The winning percentage in it, depending on the developer’s variant, is 96-99%. That is, almost every round will be winning (at the same time, the amount may be less than the initial bet, because it depends on the coefficient on which the ball hit).

It is noteworthy that this slot machine is provably fair. This game is unbiased and random (it is regulated using a randomized system). Each player can make sure of this by changing the initial value and copying part of the hash code for manual verification.

The Plinko game does not offer any bonuses, freespins or jackpots, which may seem rather mediocre to some. However, the machine is interesting and dynamic without it. And the high winning percentage further increases interest in it.

Where to play Plinko for money

Playing Plinko for money, again due to the volatility, attracts gamblers all over the world. And a lot of online casinos are happy to provide them with this opportunity. Almost every brand includes it in his catalog. And, since the machine has no analogues and it can not be attributed to any of the categories, more often in the catalog it is located separately.

On the vastness of the Internet there are many platforms where you can play this game. However, not all of them are equally good. It is better to choose for real bets proven online casinos that:

  • Have an official license. The main indicator that the brand does not cheat players and comply with the established rules (supervisory authorities closely monitor their work);
  • Offer the opportunity to play in a mobile app. Most players use smartphones to play, so a quality designed app will only be a plus;
  • Availability of welcome bonuses and promotions. Plinko slot itself does not involve bonuses and additional chips, but offers and promotions from online casinos give you a chance to get a big win.

The choice of site for gambling depends on everyone’s personal preferences. But highlight a few that have performed well in terms of safety, honesty and loyalty to players.

Play Plinko online

Plinko on mobile phones

The slot is adapted for mobile devices. In this case, the interface, rules and the chance to win remain the same. This option is suitable for users who are accustomed to playing gambling games from their phones. Play Plinko can be played both in the application of the selected online casino for IOS or Android, and in a mobile browser in the form of HTML5. There are no difficulties in managing the game on a smartphone.

Plinko mobile

Answers to FAQs

Why is the Plinko slot so popular among gambling enthusiasts?

The secret of the popularity of this slot machine lies in the simplicity of the rules, proven honesty, as well as RTP (ie, the expected percentage of payback of the bet). In Plinko, this percentage reaches a record 99%. This slot is equally favoured by both beginners and experienced players who want to spend time playing an easy, yet winning game.

Is it possible to play Plinko without money?

Sure. Like most slots, this one has a demo version that allows users to play without betting money. This option will be useful for those who have not gambled before, to understand the features of the game and choose a suitable strategy for themselves.

What is the maximum winnings possible in the game for money?

The largest coefficient to increase the bet made in 555 times. Of course, the chance to get such a win is available only at a high level of risk. For the minimum, multipliers below this figure are assumed.

Review summary: pros and cons

Plinko is a fascinating game, which is equally liked by both beginners and experienced players. It is not characterised by dynamism, but will be to the taste of those who want to get away from the usual slot machines and try something new for themselves.

Among the pluses of Plinko note the following:

  • Rules that will be clear at once;
  • Low volatility;
  • High RTP;
  • The probability of winning an amount that will be many times higher than the initial bet;
  • Ability to choose the levels of risk and 2 modes of play (manual and automatic).

As such, this slot has no minuses. However, some may quickly get bored with the monotony of the game, as well as the lack of bonus rounds, freespins and other chips that offer other slot machines.

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